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One of Alex Lancestrom’s dozens of biological inheritors, Zack was raised on one of Politeia IV’s more rundown orbital facilities. His surrogate mother suffered brain damage from hypoxia, and his earliest “training” consisted of scrounging to take care of her. In spite of these disadvantages, his testing scores at five standard years were among the highest of his generation. Zack was transferred to the governor’s household for his safety and continued education. The relationship between Zack and Alex Lancestrom was a difficult one. Being the inheritor selected for tutelage had a 67.4% correlation with succession to the governorship. Alex drove his son with a zeal that alarmed some of the boy’s instructors, but to Zack’s credit, he thrived under that pressure until he finally snapped, walking out of his Synthesis exam shortly after his twenty-sixth birthday.


The Starborn Heir

The Voidburned Queen

The Sunforged Prophet