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Born in 4365, Clavicus is a classic example of how the system allows its poorest members to fall through the cracks. A technical genius the likes of which comes only once a generation, Clavicus was denied advanced prenatal care that would have allowed him to take his place in Politeia’s high-society on the basis that his genetic flaws are not life-threatening. As a result, and due to the poverty of his upbringing, he suffers from agoraphobia, social anxiety, and dislikes snakes. He grew up stealing and scavenging for several gangs, always managing to prove useful enough that mid-level gangers made him “off-limits” when it came to most of the hazing and casual brutality of gang life. It didn’t spare him a number of beatings from senior members, but they did send him to a trade school in order to increase his value to them. Clavicus was subjected to physical and verbal bullying, which he endured for the sake of learning. He was kicked out in his second year anyway on fabricated charges he was not equipped to defend himself against. The next three years were full of danger and opportunity for Clavicus. He sold his services to the highest bidder, had several atypical implants installed to help in his scavenging, and even did some work on his own account. Still, it would only have been a matter of time before he wound up in forced labor for the gangs or dead if he hadn’t met Zack Lancestrom.


The Starborn Heir

The Voidburned Queen

The Sunforged Prophet