Artificial Intelligence (VI, LAI, GAI, SAI): artificial intelligence describes the class of human-made or self-made objects whose purpose is to mimic or exceed human thought and performance. Virtual Intelligences (VIs) are the lowest tier, able to perform basic, rule-based tasks. A Limited Artificial Intelligence (LAI) is able to perform a specific and constrained set of tasks, often better than a human could. A General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is an all-rounder, able to perform a variety of tasks up to but not beyond human levels, and can experience emotion depending on the case. The use and security features of GAIs are tightly controlled after many of them went rogue during the Second Interstellar War. Super Artificial Intelligences (SAIs) outperform humans by orders of magnitude and are restricted by the Tier system for use by the Federal Fleet. They are almost always “leashed” with hard-coded suicide functions if they become erratic. A single unleashed SAI is a credible threat to the human species.

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