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Born in 4359 into a low-income family in Pnyx’s Upper-Middle layer, on Politeia IV, Anya made multiple trips to emergency rooms for small injuries, from sprains to a dislocated shoulder. When she was ten years old, she came in with a broken forearm, triggering child protection algorithms, and she was removed from her parents’ custody. She was rotated through several group homes. Anya was a quiet child who made frequent visits to the city libraries to avoid the pressures of home life, but she responded to any attempt at intimidation from the other children with violence. At the age of fourteen, Anya tried out for a community gravball team and was added to the starting lineup. It is unsure whether the violent team sport served as an outlet for her or if the other foster children decided she wasn’t worth picking on, but her behavior and academic results improved drastically from that moment on. She successfully completed her certifications in joint, synth-fiber, and micro-motor repair at age sixteen and was accepted into Pnyx University’s cybernetics and medicine program one year later. Anya excelled in both her studies and her control over her implants. She was seen as a rising star—a self-made woman destined for Skyward—until she was medically disbarred for conducting an unauthorized experimental procedure on a patient during her residency.


The Starborn Heir

The Voidburned Queen

The Sunforged Prophet